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At Alliance Phones, we are all about being your go-to source of information whenever you are in need of the best handsets. With new smartphones being introduced in the market every day, making the decision on which phone to buy might be a bit tricky. You probably have a lot of options out there that you might find yourself buying a handset based on aesthetics alone. Well, here at Alliance Phones, we do all the hard work for you. Our tech savvy customer personnel are always on top of the news and bring you incisive, well researched and reliable news on the best handsets in the market.

It doesn’t matter whether you want the recently launched iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy s7 or any other handset for that matter. Here at Alliance Phones, you can always expect to get information that will ultimately help you make a wise decision. We break down the best handsets for the year 2016, shed light on the best handsets for learners, best handsets for business and every other topic imaginable. In other words, we breathe mobile phones and you can rest assured that we are the best source of information for mobile phone handsets.

We make comparisons of the various phone features, their time of manufacture, what makes them tick, their prices and so on and so forth.