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Must Have Android Apps for Your Best Handset

Apps are very useful because they expand the utility of your phone beyond a simple calling and texting device. For people who use Android phones, there are thousands of apps that target making the user experience more enthralling. The following are top 10 apps that your best Android smartphone should have.

  • Security apps

This is perhaps the most important app for your Android smartphone. AVG antivirus app is free in all Android phones to help in protecting the phone from threats, malware, and viruses. If you enable the Find/locate feature, you can secure the phone from theft by connecting it to Google Maps and sharing its location. Other very useful features include clearing running tasks to free memory, lock data, or wipe info for extra privacy.

  • Backup app

No one wants to imagine the info that could get lost if a phone is stolen or gets damaged beyond repair. Well, do not wait until that moment. By using Go Backup app, you can back-up all your data from messages, contacts, call logs, documents, photos, and videos.

  • Communication apps

To communicate easily with others on Facebook make sure to enable the Facebook for Android App that allows you to connect easily with friends. The app also makes it easy to show Facebook info on the contact list so that you can select to send a common SMS or a Facebook message with a single click. To enjoy communicating on Twitter, simply tweet from the browser and the status will be updated immediately. Other features you will enjoy from an updated Twitter include tweets, retweets, link sharing, and direct messaging.

  • Browsing Apps

From your best smartphone, you want to be able to browse fast, link with friends, review products, and shop online. The best web browser apps include Opera Mini that comes with a simple to use interface with an option of phone or desktop view. Opera Mini also helps the user to save on data bandwidth with compression technology and allows you to run several tabs just like Firefox.


Other browser apps to consider are Dolphin Browser HD that provides a wide range of rich features as well as plugin integration. You have a very wide range of features ranging from speed dials, voice navigation, sidebars, and gesture controls.

  • Battery defender app

This app is designed to help you extend the life of your phone battery. It identifies the apps that are not being used and closes them when the phone battery discharges to a certain level. For example, it can help to stop Wi-Fi connectivity and the background light that take a lot of power.

  • Little Photo

This app is the best for adding effects on films and photos. Whether you want to share the photos online or store them on backup, they will look enthralling with personalized themes, colours, and patterns. You can even customize the photos and videos for your phone wallpaper or even desktop screen savers.