Looking for bad credit mobile phones? Here is what you must know about bad credit

Have you been denied phone contracts because you have a poor credit score? Well, all is not lost because you can still get your phone of choice and work on raising your credit score. To get bad credit mobile phones of choice, use the following options;

  • Raise some deposit to help lower the risk taken by the phone company.
  • Select a phone with lower specs and lower price.
  • Use a friend with a good credit score as a consignee.
  • Use a SIM only contract to prove your credit worthiness

On top of these options, you need to understand what bad credit is and how to address it.

What you need to understand about bad credit 

The credit score is one of the most important tools used by financial services providers to assess how creditworthy you are. Well, it is critical to understand it because it does not simply affect your ability to get a mobile phone contract but also seeking for a mortgage, exploring insurance, and is even used by some employers.


To give your score, credit reference agencies gather information about your credit history including loans application, repayment trends, late repayments, and other financial transactions. In addition to this, you need to ensure that your name is on the electoral register that stocks some information such as court cases related to debts. The target is ensuring that your personal credit is understood well to avoid people at risk of defaulting.

What you can do to raise the credit score fast

  • Clear all outstanding loans: All your outstanding loans greatly contribute to your poor credit and must be cleared as fast as possible. You can clear the loans through the following options;
  • Reduce all the expenses and reallocate the finances to clear the loans (you might consider moving to a cheaper house, taking public transport as opposed to driving, and reducing your holiday expenses).
  • Review all loans by talking to lenders to understand the lowest amount you can pay on each on a monthly basis. Then, focus the remaining amount to clearing loan after loan commencing with the one with least credit.
  • Though your credit score might be poor, it does not mean that it is 100% correct. Many are the times when the report contains efforts from late submission of repayment reports or even those never submitted at all. By checking on the report, you can identify gaps and have them corrected immediately to reflect a higher score.
  • Borrow smaller loans that you can repay faster to contribute to a positive history. In some cases, you can organize with your bank to borrow from your account.
  • Make sure to register with the electoral register that gives correct information about you relating to financial history cases.


If you were denied a phone contract because of bad credit, make sure to use the available alternatives to get your phone of choice. More importantly, you should understand bad credit and how to raise it as fast as possible to avoid problems accessing other financial related services.