Tips for Selecting the Best Handsets for Kids and Teenagers

Modern kids are savvy. They hover around the parent’s laptops and smartphones, and within a very short time they know everything and are asking for their own handsets. When parents decide to buy their kids smartphones, the main question is what the right type for them is?

Teenage boy with smartphone

Kids want to get exposed to technology early just like their peers to connect, share show off to their friends. Even as you get a smartphone for your kid, make sure to train him/her on good phone use practices such as;

  • Being courteous to all the people he/she talks to on the phone.
  • Sticking to a phone timetable (not using it during dining, doing homework, and sleeping time).
  • Reporting strange calls, numbers, and social media intrusion.
  • Being cautious about cost because calls, texts, and browsing translate to money.

What to look for in a handset for kids

  • Compatibility with additional apps especially monitoring software

The greatest concern after getting a phone for your kid is about his security. The kids will be exposed to online predators and bullies who can lure them to drugs, pornography, and even crime or threaten them. Therefore, look for a handset that is compatible with modern monitoring apps that give you access to the phone, allows monitoring of text messages, and even follow social media activities. Remember that proper guidance should always accompany this monitoring.

  • Find out why your kid wants a handset

The demand for a smartphone by kids may vary a lot. Does your kid need a smartphone for playing games, connecting with friends online, or education assistance such as online tutors? If the need is learning online, it is advisable to look for a phone with 3G or 4G capabilities. The focus should be the camera if the kid is interested in photography and screen quality for those who love phone games.


  • Ease of upgrading from one plan to another?

When you buy any kid a smartphone, he/she learns fast and will be asking you to shift them to a higher plan very soon. You should therefore, look for a plan that is easy to change on demand. For example, prepaid plans with a fixed term are good because you can control the amount a kid spends. This will also help the kid develop the responsible use of the phone by spreading data, calls, and text messages throughout the month.

  • Cost of the smartphone

Think of the amount of money you are willing to spend and check for smartphones in that range. It is also important to factor how responsible your kid is before buying him/her a very expensive smartphone. If your child is very irresponsible, consider buying a low-cost phone to keep the risk low if it gets lost.


The handset you pick for a kid should be affordable, easy to use, and help them become responsible. By learning what the interests of a child are, it will be easy to get a phone that matches his/her lifestyle, instill confidence with peers, and increase maturity. Remember that at all times; you must be vigilant to know how effectively the phone is being used to keep the kid away from dangers.